66 Books of the Bible


The Bible is a collection of 66 books written by different authors.

There are 39 Old Testament books and 27 New Testament books.

The 66 books easily separate into 8 sections.

The Bible tells one essential story of the creation, the fall, the election of Israel, the promise of a coming Savior, the birth of Jesus, his supernatural ministry, his redeeming death, his victorious resurrection, his establishing of God’s kingdom, and his glorious return.

39 Old Testament Books

Section 1 Books of Moses

1 Genesis Creation –  The Flood – Patriarchs – 400 years Slavery in Egypt
2 Exodus Exodus from Egypt – Forty Years in Wilderness
3 Leviticus Laws given during Forty Years in Wilderness
4 Numbers Laws given during Forty Years in Wilderness
5 Deuteronomy Laws given during Forty Years in Wilderness – Moses Dies

Section 2 History of Israel

6 Joshua  Joshua led the Israelites to Promised Land of Canaan
7 Judges  Judges Rule the Israelites
8 Ruth Woman’s faithfulness to her mother-in-law
9 Samuel 1 Samuel’s tenure as judge of Israel and the reign of King Saul
10 Samuel 2 King David’s rule
11 Kings 1 King Solomon’s reign, the division of the kingdom
12 Kings 2 Fall of Samaria and Jerusalem
13 Chronicles 1  Divided Kingdom
14 Chronicles 2 Divided Kingdom
15 Ezra Israelites in Exile for 70 Years
16 Nehemiah Rebuilding of Jerusalem’s wall after Exile
17 Esther Jewish Queen Saves her People

Section 3 Literature and Poetry of the Hebrew Nation

18 Job Explores the Question of Human Suffering
19 Psalms Ancient Israelites’ Prayer and Song Book
20 Proverbs Wisdom of Solomon
21 Ecclesiastes Futility of Human Efforts to Create Meaning
22 Song of Solomon Love Poems

Section 4   Prophets

23 Isaiah Isaiah prophesied about the coming of Jesus
24 Jeremiah
25 Lamentations Short collection of poems lamenting the fall of Jerusalem.
26 Ezekiel
27 Daniel visions of the end times
28 Hosea
29 Joel Promising that God’s spirit will be poured out on all flesh.
30 Amos condemning Israel’s oppression of the poor and calling for justice
31 Obadiah A prophecy against Edom for the injustices against Israel.
32 Jonah Swallowed by a whale, moved the people of Nineveh to repent.
33 Micah Foretells the fall of Jerusalem
34 Nahum Foretelling the destruction of Nineveh and the overthrow of Assyria.
35 Habakkuk
37 Haggai Urging those who returned from exile to rebuild the Temple.
38 Zechariah Post-exilic prophecies concerning the restoration of Israel
39 Malachi condemns corrupt priests

27 New Testament Books

Section 5 Gospels

1 Matthew Tells about Jesus’ life on earth
2 Mark Tells about Jesus’ life on earth
3 Luke Tells about Jesus’ life on earth
4 John Tells about Jesus’ life on earth

Section 6 Acts

5 Acts Story of the Early Church and the spread of Christianity

Section 7 Epistles 

6 Romans Letter sent to the Christians at Rome
7 1 Corinthians Letter sent to the Christians at Corinth
8 2 Corinthians
9 Galatians Letter to Galatians – Fruit of Spirit
10 Ephesians
11 Philippians
12 Colossians letter to the church at Colossae
13 1 Thessalonians 
14 2 Thessalonians
15 1 Timothy urging the godly to “fight the good fight of faith.”
16 2 Timothy
17 Titus Summarizing the qualities of good elders
18 Philemon
19 Hebrews
20 James be doers of the word and not merely hearers
21 1Peter 
22 2 Peter 
23 1 John those who love God must love their brothers and sisters also.
24 2 John
25 3 John support missionaries
26 Jude warning against false teachers

Section 8 Revelation

27 Revelation  of end-times.


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