Big Ideas from the Minor Prophets

God loves his people despite their unfaithfulness
Sin will lead to judgment and punishment
After they repent, God will restore them

God promises to judge his enemies
Repentance brings God’s forgiveness and restoration
God promises the Holy Spirit

Wealth and success can lead to spiritual complacency
God punishes those who exploit poor people
God promises to restore his people after judgment

God punishes the Edomites because of their poor treatment of Israel
God will eventually punish the Edomites

God shows mercy to all people who repent
God offers second chances
God loves all people and expects believers to do the same

God judges sin
God will not protect his people from the consequences of their actions
God will forgive and restore if people repent
How believers treat others is important to God
God promises to send a savior

God bring judgment on and punishes sinners
God will restore his people when the repent

God will punish the wicked
The righteous wait faithfully for God’s purpose to be fulfilled
God’s goodness can be seen even in the worst situations

God will judge
Only God brings salvation
God will restore his people

Building God’s temple should be the people’s priority
There are consequences for disobeying God
God will bless people with peace if they obey him

God wants people to repent of their sins and show mercy and compassion to all people
God will ultimately have victory over those who resist his will

God demands his people’s best
God judges evil and rewards those who honor him
God will send a messenger to prepare his people for the Messiah


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